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An appeal in litigation cases is often taken to challenge an adverse ruling on appeal or to preserve a favorable ruling from a lower court or regulatory agency. The success of an appeal starts with the initial development of a comprehensive litigation strategy to position a case for successful resolution in trial proceedings.

Our appellate lawyers are highly experienced in providing concise and forceful appeal briefs and delivering persuasive oral arguments. We are able to identify and argue critical legal issues in light of the applicable standard of review and we have a solid track record of favorable appellate results, up to and including the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Our appellate clients include companies, individuals and governmental entities. Our firm has handled appeals across a wide range of subject areas, including :

  • Commercial litigation
  • Business transactions
  • Construction and contract disputes
  • Local public contracts law
  • Criminal matters
  • Municipal appeals
  • Appeals of administrative and agency decisions

Having appellate experience brings significant benefits early in the trial process, especially in venues where error preservation is critical to pursuing an argument on appeal. As a result, our litigators can handle time sensitive tasks that can arise both before and during trial. Examples include:

  • Handling temporary injunctions and the appeal from the court’s ruling granting or denying such relief
  • Preparing motions to certify issues (in federal court)
  • Developing legal strategies and identifying strengths of weaknesses of claims and defenses
  • Preparing or responding to discovery and evidentiary motions
  • Preparing or responding to motions for summary judgment and other dispositive motions
  • Preparing and responding to trial briefs and post-trial motions
  • Preparing and responding to proposed jury instructions
  • Monitoring trial to assist in preserving appellate arguments, particularly when the case poses a high risk of an adverse jury verdict
  • Handling mandamus actions or interlocutory appeals prior to trial