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Employment and Labor Law

Business owners and managers face employment and labor law issues on a daily basis over the broad array of Federal and State laws and regulations. The stakes in New Jersey Employment Law cases are high. Adverse employment actions can cost you your business, your livelihood and affect your future.

Our lawyers offer a wealth of experience and are uniquely positioned to act as your ‘outside general counsel’ to guide you on employment and labor issues because we have represented all potential parties to a dispute: individual plaintiffs, municipal and state governmental entities, along with businesses, corporations and labor unions. We have successfully represented our clients in State Superior Court, the Appellate Division, the New Jersey Supreme Court, Federal District Court and before administrative agencies, such as the National Labor Relations Board, the Social Security Administration, Unemployment, the Civil Service Commission and more.

Employment and labor law concerns any number of issues like:

  • Employment contracts
  • New Jersey Family Leave Act (NJFLA) and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Minimum wage
  • Health and safety issues in the workplace
  • Employee benefits
  • Harassment and/or discrimination based on race or color, ethnicity or national origin, sex or gender, pregnancy, religion or creed, political affiliation, language abilities, citizenship, disability or medical condition, age, sexual orientation or gender identity

Proactive Policy Development and Discrimination Lawsuit Defense

When an employee claims discrimination or harassment, employer liability may hinge on what policies were in place to discourage it, and how management responded to initial complaints.

Our firm provides both employment law consulting and litigation defense to employers in New Jersey. With experience on both sides of discrimination lawsuits, our lawyers provide astute legal counsel to help businesses protect themselves from future liability or vigorously defend a pending claim.

Employment Law Consulting

Our firm offers proactive solutions to avoid litigation and to make sure that employees’ workplace rights are protected and respected, including:

  • Establishing company policies (e.g., hiring, termination, layoff procedures, FMLA and disability leave)
  • Implementing response procedures and documentation protocols for employee complaints
  • Policy manual/employee handbook drafting
  • Training seminars for management or employees on sexual harassment and other topics

Litigation Defense counseling before an occurrence

Our attorneys have proven trial experience and extensive energy in preparation for settlement or trial to limit clients’ exposure to large damage awards. Because we have also handled plaintiff litigation, we can gauge the merits of the claim and prepare viable defenses for management. We go over every piece of internal documentation and interview supervisors or executives named in the suit. We have successfully countered claims of sexual harassment, hiring discrimination or wrongful termination at trial, or discreetly negotiated settlements that minimize the financial, internal and public relations impact.

Whatever your situation, our New Jersey employment and labor lawyers have the knowledge and abilities to help you seek an effective solution. The firm has been successful in assisting countless clients throughout the area.