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Personal Injury and Product Liability

Our attorneys help accident victims with personal injury cases, including slip and fall or premises liability, wrongful death, negligence and assault and battery. We also pursue claims of wrongful death and catastrophic injury from products that are defective, such as cases involving automobiles, motor vehicle component parts, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, consumer products and industrial equipment.

Being injured in an accident can have a devastating impact on your life, whether it is an auto accident, slip and fall, or some other type of mishap. You may need short or long-term medical care, including physical therapy, rehabilitative treatment, or even extended nursing care or physical assistance while you recover. You may lose days, weeks, or months at work, risking your job and causing financial hardship on yourself and your family. You also may face extensive, staggering medical bills. All of this difficulty may come at a time when you are in physical pain, suffering emotional trauma, and worried about your ability to recover both physically and financially.

If you are in this situation and your personal injuries were caused by another’s negligence, wrongdoing, drunk or drug-impaired driving, recklessness, aggressiveness, or some other misconduct, you may have grounds for a personal injury case. It is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible because there are time limitations t. Personal injury law exists to help you recover financial compensation for the damages you have suffered due to another’s negligent actions or inactions. Under personal injury law, the responsible party becomes liable for these damages, which can be pursued through a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Our attorneys can review the facts and circumstances, advise you on your legal rights and options, and initia legal action on your behalf to recover damages that you may have sustained as a result of their negligence. Damages you may obtain will be based on the nature and extent of your injuries and may include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, and more.

By discussing your situation with an attorney at our firm, you can place all of the legal details of your accident and injuries into the hands of someone who knows how to negotiate or litigate on your behalf in order to obtain the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled.

We Care and We Work Harder

It’s important to us that our clients receive every dime they deserve for their medical expenses and lost earnings, as well as compensation for permanent disability, pain and suffering, or lost quality of life. We don’t just take the insurance company’s first offer. We hold fast and do the extra legwork to secure your full compensation.

If fault is not clear, we send investigators to the scene while the evidence is fresh and witnesses are willing to talk. In one case of contested liability, our extra efforts to uncover how a crash occurred resulted in a settlement offer for the full policy limits before we had even submitted the claim. In another accident case with catastrophic injuries, we settled for $900,000 by locating additional insurance coverage.

If you were seriously injured or a family member was killed, call us immediately at 973-442-7900 to start an investigation. We offer a free initial consultation, including home or hospital visits and weekend appointments.